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July 2, 2011
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Me during college days

Me during college days

Ideas, ideas. It is what you believe in whether you have get it from other people, reading books, listening or watching the media, or just based on what you experienced shapes the very person that is you. You believe in something that you consider is right and is ready to defend it come what may.

We have derived our ideas from theories. People from the old or the present “thinkers” may have influenced you that later on accept it as you own. Discussion, debates and sharing of thoughts for things you believe and what others do polished your mind for it to become your ideology.

When I was young, my olds told me that a ship or a rice will come out of my wound when I don’t eat the food that I hate. I believe them since I am in no position to argue.

My elder brother Greg, told me that chocolates comes from soil and those little brown hard soil that is located in our backyard are hardened chocolates and I need to watch for new ones for me to eat. I complied but later I discovered that those chocolates were brought from a store and he just want to make fun of me by scattering those tiny chocolates on the ground.

My youngest brother when we were young doesn’t want to eat fish, unless it is a dit dit isda. It’s a fish with no specific specie that we made him to believe because we just heard the children song on a TV that sings dit dit isda.

I believed that God exist not because I have talked to seen him, but because my oldies, neighbors and later on teachers and a priest told me. I was given a bible by a friend and yes, I religiously read it, listened to drama over the radio during Lenten season. I memorized the bible when I was young, but right now, I can’t even pray Our Father without committing a pronunciation mistake.

I believed then that rebels were evil, although my father served as a communist for 25 years before he was caught by the military when I was in highschool. But later, I began to ask why there are rebels anyway?

We were fond of guns after military many times raided our house, stole my grandmothers Spanish coins, and when I went to highschool and later on college I want to be solider. I joined ROTC, and later on took PMA exam but however new ideas forbid me to pursue the career. My brother did join the PMA but upon knowing he is the son of a former rebel he was the target of initiation that forced him to go out and study elsewhere.

I joined LFS in UP Visayas not because I like the ideas of the left. I just joined my 34 other classmates who wanted to have a group and it so happened LFS people were the most active organizers we joined in, but it is only a semester when we decided all to bolt out. I was a freshman in college and my first time to become independent and the hours of meeting every time we go out from class is a chore.

I joined ROTC after but I was being the target of the superiors, maybe their culture of violence forcing me to box my fellow cadets forced me to go out. I later joined back LFS and there it started for me to widen my interest in reading and understanding politics. How can you discuss national issues, defend your position when your being attacked on topics whether it is from left or from the rightist when your not reading.

I was having serious family problem for me to stop schooling for a semester, I then transferred to Aklan College and upon knowing LFS people again recruited this time, and I did not refused. I began to study history, my favorite subject since elementary.

I began to think hard after reading books that tells another picture of what the school books told me. In school they told me that Rizal is a hero since he advocated reforms, and those who took up arms are bandits, although not really mentioning Bonifacio, but the likes of Macario Sakay, and yes the demonization of Moro people since they are always going berserk. Later did I know that they were the only one who was never actually invaded by the Americans because of their indomitable spirit to remain free.

I read the works of Marx, Lenin, Mao because they were cheaply available in bookstores and later comrades provided me the needed materials so that I may not read books talking about Marxism but essentially attacking it.

I also read liberal books written by various authors talking about philosophy, ethics, masonry, witchcraft, or just romantic or adventure novels I found inside the library or at the PIA office located just next to our school.

I also read military books, from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, to Victor’s Corpuz “Silent War”. I meticulously collected the works of Mao, Lenin, Che Guevarra and Kim Jong Il. I was amazed how many ideas can be read over the internet and become so interested in conspiracy theories.

I believed in aliens. We are just among the civilization that exists in the universe. I believe that we were once apes, since no human skeleton were found that has the age of those ape man found that had lived billions years ago.

I believed that indeed our country is not really free, despite being granted independence in 1946, since based on my readings and ideas I happened to adapt as my own, we don’t have an independent foreign policy, we joined wars not our own, we are forced to swallow the red pill of austerity measures dictated by the corporate powers from the West at the expense of our people.

I believed that we can only be called a free country, if freedom of expression is expressly granted and the right to dissent is accepted. I believed that the gap between rich and the poor is exemplified by those who are sitting in the congress, and those who were caught making criminal acts escape jail terms while those who steal to feed their families lingers in jail without seeing a judge to hear their case.

I accepted many ideas in my life. I read them, listened to them; weigh them if it is applicable to me, or to my neighbor. But I firmly believed that these ideas, whether they are radical or reactionary will only be proven correct and just if many people accept it as their own and it will benefit the many instead of the few.

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