Welcome… Again

Howdy. It’s been so long since I last let my thoughts flow through the keyboard, attempting to articulate what’s in my mind and hoping people will read, comprehend, or just shrug their shoulders.

My journey has been curiously complicated, transitioning from the hustle and bustle of being a student activist, to a member of the press to later becoming an accidental politician, and now settling into the somewhat monotonous rhythm of an 8-5 gig as a local government private secretary. The irony? Too many plans, so little time, yet procrastination remains a loyal companion.

I’ve made countless attempts to enter the digital realm, repeatedly Googling my name to gauge its popularity, buying some domains, setting up a blog in my attempt to jumpstart into making money online pyramid or just be a popular digital nomad. However, “magaling ka lang sa umpisa” aptly describes my futile attempts, as one after the other, those domains expired, and I made so many excuses for having a mental block.

I started a marketing/review blog, a recipe blog, a community blog… but like so many plans drafted in the brain without a clear plan and direction, all things go pop and vanish into the abyss of a failed laptop hard disk.

Like many real-life otaku, I discovered comfort in reading manga, manhwa, web novels, and light novels online. Besides tending to the needs of my pet rabbits and cats that I adopted, I went to the office, came home, and repeated. A short venture into the gaming world, thanks to Rust, led me to reflect on the significance of my time. As I returned to the comforting embrace of procrastination, I contemplated the most effective way to make use of my hours.

And now, the phoenix rises from the ashes – welcome to Ernan Dot Net! Admittedly, I stand at the crossroads, uncertain of the path this blog will tread. Yet, here I am, penning down my ramblings in the hope that you, dear reader, might find a moment or two to accompany me on this undefined journey.

So, whether you’re here out of curiosity, sheer boredom, or an inexplicable affinity for the musings of a digital nomad, I extend a warm invitation to explore the uncharted territories of Ernan Dot Net.

See yah on the flip side!

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